No More (What the Heart Knows) clip


No More (©2011 T. Land & T. Ellis)

I’m not paying no middle man no more

Done bribing the guard at the gate

Won’t try to get you to love me no more

I’m creating my own fate

Not waiting for that shoe to fall no more

I won’t hold my breath till you’ll agree

Used to love to love you, don’t feel good no more

Can’t be what you want me to be


You can leave

You can stay

Either way will be ok

You can yell

You can cry

You won’t stop me no more


Things aren’t black, white, right or wrong no more

We each got a dark side to face

Not a cruel word left for me to say no more

Hey blaming you just a waste

Won’t write a new ending for us no more

That plan always falls flat

Don’t want to have to change my ways no more

I’ve lost my taste for that


You can leave

you can stay

Either way will be OK

You can yell

You can cry

You won’t stop me from changing my life

you can beg

You can  lie

Do what you feel like you

You can dance

You can cheer you won’t stop me, nothing’s gonna stop me no more



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