Dyin Aint No Bigga Thang (Lucky Cat) clip


Dyin Aint No Bigga Thang
(T. Land ©2002 Wondergirl Music)

He was assistant to the undertaker
Everyday he’d walk to work there and back
I say, “How can you hear all the woes of the world
And still smile on me like that?”

He said he knew he was God’s agent
And he did not mind the role
Helping people transistion
You know, requires a hardy soul

He’d say I am not afraid of dyin
Dyin aint no bigga thing
He’d say dyin aint nothing to fear
If you’re really living while you’re living here

He’d say I go lie down in the dark dirty woods
I Let nature come on and heal me
Don’t need no inside of no church
no prayin on my knees

Chorus repeat

Spoken:  He said a lotta things to me. He’d say
Girlie… In all the living I’ve done, the saddest part aint about dying.  What’s sad is unsaid hellos, unsaid goodbyes. The  saddest heartbreakin thing
I’ve ever seen is unfinished lives.  Now that’s sad.

See I love to hear the wind blow
I love the sunlight shinin’ through the trees
And I don’t mind the rain
That’s all just living to me

Chorus repeat