September Newsletter 2021


HELLO my friends!

Well, I thought it was time to come out and perform again finally but it looks like I was wrong.  Because of the most recent COVID surge, my SUNLIT album release party  has transformed into a “DRIVE BY” ALBUM RELEASE.  We’re going to make the best of it on:

96338 Dawson, Brookings, OR 97415

How it will work is

  1. walk or drive by, 
  2. my awesome chef sister, Teri, will hand you delicious homemade snacks and
  3. I will give you a complimentary autographed Sunlit CD. 

You’ll see me on the side of the road.  You gotta love that!!! It’ll put a big smile on my face to see you (even if you can’t see through my mask)!  Sunlit music thumb drives and my previous CDs will be available for purchase. 
At the “Drive By”, we will have a bin and ice chest for donations for our local Brookings-Harbor FoodBank.  I spoke to them and there is a big need for the following:

  • Protein sources like canned tuna
  • Cans such as vegetables, spaghetti
  • Dairy such as milk, butter, cheese
  • Boxes of meals such as hamburger helper, mac and cheese.
  • Money! They can buy food cheaper than we can so money is very very helpful!

There are so many people depending on the food bank right now so your donations are truly appreciated!
I love this new SUNLIT album and I think you will too.  Jim Walker and I created this remotely during the pandemic. Three of the songs on Sunlit, “New Girl”, “Crazed and Dazed”, and “Hip Hip Hurray!” charted nationally on Top 40 and Adult Contemporary.  “New Girl” charted #1 on Country Digital Radio.  “Crazed and Dazed” was #1 By The Vote on National Radio Hits Top 40.  “Hip Hip Hurray!” is currently #3 on National Radio Hits Top 40 and #8 on their Adult Contemporary format.  It’s also in the Top 10 Indie charts on STS radio charts on Top 40 (#9) and Adult Contemporary (#7) formats. (Hear clips here.) 
Listen and purchase Sunlit along with my other music on various sites including: Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, Spotify and my own website
I’m looking forward to sharing my new album with you!  Drive by to see me on Sunday September 5 and get your free autographed copy of Sunlit!