CD – What the Heart Knows


Her fifth CD, “What The Heart Knows”, is the work of a seasoned musician and artist with its lush production and insightful songwriting.  Sticking to her alt country, folk and rock roots, Toni takes you on a ride through an emotional landscape through her powerful and intimate style of songwriting. Long term co-writer and producer Tim Ellis and Toni Land have created “a unique and timeless record that only happens with years of collaboration between artists”.  Ellis and Land understand the alchemy of creating beautiful music.

Unwilling to settle, Toni is an artist who is on the move into new territory.  She is crossing the bridge into a new land, a new Toni Land.  The path to transformation is not for the weak at heart but required to birth a song like Brand New World, a glimpse at the dark night of the soul reported by spiritual seekers.  Land is an artist that knows this kind of process, can report back about it and yet truly knows the joy of life and it’s celebration as in the raucous Doin’ All I Can Do.  The whole album reveals movement and change from Land’s last CD, “Lucky Cat”.  This Town Don’t Keep It’s People is adventurous and engaging as it turns a single spark into a blazing forest fire demonstrating an artist that is on an adventure and committed to engaging her listeners.  Toni does what Toni does best….creates simply and heartfully and keeps you coming back for more.

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