Press Release – September 15, 2020

Oregon recording artist, Toni Land hits No.1 on the Digital Country Charts! For Immediate Release

Portland, OR – 

Toni Land has been making the very best of these trying times.  In addition to carrying on her profession as a speech pathologist, Toni has been churning out new songs and pushing them to success!   “New Girl” is currently No.1 on the Digital Country Charts and No. 2 on Country Western Region Chart. “New Girl” is also No. 5 on Adult Contemporary’s National Indie and Country’s Radio Hits charts. “New Girl” recently popped onto the Top 40 chart with artists like Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, and Harry Styles. Land says, “New Girl is a beautiful beast and has “legs”.  Me and my friends refer to “New Girl” like this, like she’s alive and breathing…which she seems to be!” Land has been described as “sure footed in her travels between country, folk, and rock” and compared to Lucinda Williams, Sheryl Crow, Aimee Mann, Taylor Swift, and Brandi Carlile. Land, a prolific songwriter, is now getting ready to release her next single, “Crazed and Dazed” this month.  

As challenging as life has been of late, Land, also a speech pathologist, is dedicated to helping her young speech patients and has devised ways of connecting with them virtually.  “It’s kind of like putting on a TV show with my 2 year olds which is the largest part of my caseload. I have to be very organized and animated to keep their attention.  My parents are key to the work being successful since they help keep the programs moving and effective.” Land likes to use music in her therapy and has learned just how much kids love music.  “Some of my kids learn some of their first words or phrases from songs. Music is inherently communicative and fun and that’s exactly what I need when working with children.”  

Toni has a total of 6 albums available right now…and so when asked what’s next on the horizon? She says, “I’m working on a new album now right through the pandemic by recording remotely with my producer Jim Walker in Portland, Oregon.  First I had to learn how to do that but now I’m fully engaged. “New Girl” is the first song we recorded and is the song that’s currently charting across the country.

In better times we could have enjoyed live music with Toni at venues and events such as The Annual Art Festival at Stout Park as well as at numerous Stagelights Musical Arts events.  Due to Covid 19 these events have been cancelled, for now at least.  Kim Devine, owner of The Music Connection in Brookings, “I have known Toni for years, since 2004 when she headlined for us in our Banana-Belt Music Festival.  Toni is an inspiration to all of us who have dreams of music excellence…such perseverance!  She is always willing to help with the Stagelights cause and The Music Connection. Stagelights is a non-profit dedicated to music education and enrichment in our community.  

You can be added to Toni’s email list by emailing to be included in the invitation to concerts planned in the future. Toni’s music is available for purchase from her website as well as Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify.