November Newsletter 2020


Hi Everybody,

IT’S FALL!!! I love this part where the leaves turn colors.  I get to turn on my heater in the morning to take the chill off.   I’m doing my best, like I know you are, at focusing on the good stuff.  Right?  Like the fact that Americans all over the country stood in lines for hours and hours to vote!  Wow! In the middle of a pandemic.  That really renews my faith in democracy and what we’re about in the United States of America.
I feel more at ease and more hopeful now that the election is over.  I hope you do too.  I also hope we all come together to heal and solve our issues. 
Thank God for music.  It’s saving my life.

My gift to you is you can hear my new songs in their entirety on my website now.  I’ve so enjoyed creating this music. I hope you enjoy it as well. Hear them at

Updates:  Radio

As many of you know the follow up to my radio hit song, “New Girl” is “Crazed and Dazed”….another song with my friend and incredible talented Jim Walker out of Portland.  “Crazed and Dazed” was released at the end September and immediately started charging up national radio charts across formats including Country Digital, Adult Contemporary and mostly Top 40!  She is currently on Indie Country, Top 40, and Adult Contemporary charts and has jumped on to major Top 40 and Country charts.  It’s putting a big smile on my face as my mighty girl chugs up the charts. 

Updates: New Album

I’m working on a new album now right through the pandemic by recording remotely with my producer Jim Walker in Portland, Oregon.  I’m so excited about sharing it with you.  It will have “New Girl”, “Crazed and Dazed”, “Fit Into My Future”, “Let Me In” plus several more.  You can hear some of these songs on my website now at  The album is not titled yet but my sister suggested “Saving My Life” or something like that since the music is really keeping me going through this year.  Any Ideas?   
Again thank you Robbie Kaye for the photos and my dear sister, Juli at Image Net for the beautiful design work.  In case you didn’t know my sister, Juli Marx is the one that keeps me looking good on all my promotional materials.  Thank you Juli! 

Updates:  Songwriting

Again, my songwriting group with amazing writers from all over the country, continue to inspire me to grow as an artist.  It’s so helpful to have a group to work with as well as a great coach.  It makes all the difference.  Thank you Craig Carothers!

Updates: Speech Therapy Work

Man, kids love music.  That fact has been driven home to me particularly in the last few years as a speech therapist.  I continue to work remotely with my toddlers and like I said before, it’s like putting on a TV show in so many ways.  It forces me to adjust my ways of working with kids in order to keep their attention and keep them motivated.  I’m sure grateful to be able to continue to work through this pandemic.

My heart goes out to those of you who have been impacted negatively with Covid whether it be economically or your health or your relationships… We’ve just got to get through this.  

*     *     *     *

That’s it for now.  No live performances on the horizon.  You can purchase my actual cds and download them and individual songs on my website at .  You can download or stream my music from Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify as well.  Thank you all for your support. Buy my records! It helps me keep going. I’ll autograph the CDs before I send them if you order them directly from me! BTW when you buy them directly from me, it actually helps financially vs the penny for streaming that comes off of the big companies.  (By the way, it’s ridiculous how little streaming pays the artist)
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Take care of your precious selves and your loved ones…It’s getting better.