July Newsletter 2020


Dear Ones,

I pray all of you are well and your loved ones are too.  I had my hair done yesterday and I just appreciate the hoops my hairdresser went through to keep me safe.  I’m sure you’re experiencing this too.  We all want to return to our jobs, our people, our lives and it’s so darn hard.  And I can’t wait for a pedicure. 
I’m working on a new album in a way that I’ve never worked before.  Remote recording has its challenges but Jim Walker and I are making amazing music and I can’t wait for you to hear some.  Here is a little teaser of one of my new songs:  Let Me In (mp3).  I’ll be giving you updates on this as we go.  I love making albums maybe as much as I love doing anything else. 

CD Baby is no longer selling CDs (ironically) so I’ve decided to build a store on my website that will be available soon – www.toniland.com.  In the meantime, send me an email to purchase any of my six cds.  By the way, when you buy my music directly from me,  I will autograph them for you.

And for the update on my latest single, “NEW GIRL”…. she’s rocking it down!  Man this girl has legs and is still climbing national radio charts after more than 4 months.  And she’s still climbing!  In fact this week, she made it to #7 on the Indie Adult Contemporary chart and #10 on the Indie Country Chart !  She’s #6 on the Western Regional Charts for Adult Contemporary AND #3 on the Western Regional Charts for Country music.  She just keeps going.  By the way, a hard copy of NEW GIRL is going to be available to purchase from my new store (and remember, I’ll sign it for you).

All my performances have been postponed so there you have it.  I’ll keep you posted on those developments.  I love performing and look forward to playing in person for you soon.
Meanwhile, thank you all for enriching my life.  Write to me and tell me how you are doing and what you’re discovering.  I want to hear from you.  Email: toniland@toniland.com
Blessings to every single one of you,