February Newsletter 2021


Hi Everybody,

It’s winter and crazy winter storms are here in Oregon!  I’m hoping you are well and safe.  I got my first Covid vaccine and I’m reporting in.  It did not hurt (I’m a big baby when it comes to pain) and the only reaction was a sore arm for a day.  I feel positive that we’re going to knock the virus down and return to our lives with gusto.  I’m looking forward to live music and traveling, visiting my loved ones, being served in restaurants, and taking off the mask!  Oh yea….and lots of kissing.
Once again, thank God for music.  It’s saving me.  Here’s updates:


I have been nominated in 3 different categories for the New Music Awards 2021!

This came as a huge surprise yesterday when I found out.  Last year a Billie Eilish was a big winner with ‘Bad Guy’.  I was nominated in the categories of Breakthrough Artist of the Year; Adult Contemporary Female Artist of the Year; and Adult Contemporary Breakthrough Artist of the year. Nominees this year include Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande and many more big names.  I’m honored no matter what the outcome is of course.



“Crazed and Dazed” has continually moved up since it was launched at the end of September 2020 as a follow up to the “New Girl” single. “New Girl” knocked it out of the park on radio and now “Crazed and Dazed” is in the TOP 10 Indie Adult Contemporary and TOP 10 Indie Top 40 national charts.  It has held these positions for 7 weeks now.  It is #2 on the National Radio Hits Top 40 chart “By The Vote” and has held a top 10 position for the last 6 weeks.  It was also on this chart but the Adult Contemporary format “By the Vote” top 10 for 7 weeks.  “By the Vote” is voted on by radio fans and charted by National Radio Hits. 
“Crazed and Dazed” can be heard at www.toniland.com as well as on Amazon, Itunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.


It has been a great joy to create music with my friend and seriously talented Jim Walker.  “It’s Good” was our first project although we had worked a little way back with our friend Tim Ellis on one of my albums years ago.  Jim and I created “It’s Good” two years ago and initially released a fun little diddy “Frankenstein” which gained some traction on radio.  Now we are close to finishing the new album.  I still haven’t named it but it’s going to be wonderful.  Promise! It will include the singles, “New Girl” and “Crazed and Dazed” and many more delicious songs. 

Stay tuned for the new album release which I expect will be summer when I can come out and perform the new songs for you! 

  *     *     *     *

That’s it for now. You can purchase my actual cds and download them and individual songs on my website at www.toniland.com .  You can download or stream my music from Itunes, Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify as well.  Thank you all for your support. Buy my records! It helps me keep going. I’ll autograph the CDs before I send them if you order them directly from me! BTW when you buy them directly from me, it actually helps financially vs the penny for streaming that comes off of the big companies.  (By the way, it’s ridiculous how little streaming pays the artist)
Take care of your precious selves and your loved ones. Thank you for all the support you give me.  I’ll see you soon as I can!