December 2023 Newsletter


“Why do you need Taylor Swift when you got Toni Land?” 
— Joni Weamer, Engineer 

Hi Y’all!

Toni Land

I’m wishing you sweetness and joy around these holidays.  2024…wow it’s almost here. I have become so appreciative of the community where I live and work.  I’m experiencing myself as more and more connected and supported than ever and I am so grateful.  Thank you for coming out to see us this year! Thank you for being my community. 

We had some fun last month and I’m attaching a few photos.  Local radio stations are playing some of my music and I will be doing a couple of interviews this month with KCIW 100.7 FM and KFUG 101.1 FM.  I do love community radio and the people I’m interviewing with are wonderful, funny and great supporters of music and our community here. Tune in if you can.  (see schedule below)

It’s been so much fun going from a solo artist to a band this year.  It started out with Larry Fries, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, who started with me about 1½ years ago. Then Kim Devine, my dear friend joined us on percussion and vocals.  Then recently came Jim Bixler on congas.  Occasionally David Blink joins us on horns and percussion.  All players are dear friends and Jim and David are close neighbors as well.  See what I’m saying about this sense of growing community? It’s so cool.  I love it!

Toni Land Band 2023

Maui Benefit Concert 2023

I’m currently working on a new release of music from the 80’s that’s been packed away for decades.  With the help of Alan Olmstead, owner of Kaleidophonics Radio, we have managed to save much of the music from tape that is turning to dust.  I had literally forgotten how much fun the music was back then and how much I got to record with phenomenal players and producers.  I’m looking forward to sharing it with you soon.  More on that next month.

Happy Holidays and I’m looking for seeing you in the new year.  (seems like sci-fi…2024, right?)


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Upcoming Shows:

Toni Land
“Save The Music”
5:00 PM
Thursday, December 14th
The Grange, 97895 Shopping Center Ave., Brookings, OR
Many of the musicians in our community are gathering to perform for this fundraising event to support local Misty Mountain Brewery and their contribution to the music scene here in Brookings.    

Toni Land Band
Kuhn Thai
Thursday, January 25th
6-8 PM
925 Chetco, Brookings, OR  (541) 412-0555
This is a party atmosphere with delicious food and a good selection of beers along with great service.  Fun and delicious…my favorite combination!  I recommend making reservations for parties over 3 since we’ve sold out when we play here.  Here is a very short video of the band at Kuhn Thai 11.23 in party mode


Interview with Doc and Jacques Live Variety Show
KCIW 100.7 FM
4 pm
Wednesday, December 13th

Interview with Amanda “Gracie” Dockter on the Squirrel Interrupted program
KFUG 100.1 FM Crescent City, CA
1 pm
Saturday, December 30th 

P.S. To supporters and lovers of indie music

Spotify has a new royalties policy taking effect that will redistribute smaller artists streaming royalties and appease the major labels that are concerned about erosion of their ‘market share erosion’.  “Reverse Robin Hood” as Tony Van Veen of CD Baby calls it.  “Stealing from the poor and giving it to the rich.” 

Regarding stealing royalties from independent artists and redistributing to major label artists.  Please write to

Here is CEO of CD Baby, Tony Van Veen, who handles my music’s online distribution speaking about the issue:

For more information:

For booking:
Kim Devine

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