I’m excited about the progress of New Girl across the country and wanted to share it with you.

Radio is all about charts and positions, numbers of times a song is played (spins), number of radio stations added (adds), formats (e.g. Adult Contemporary, Top 40, Country) here’s the data this week…

“New Girl” made it onto the top 40 chart of Adult Contemporary which is way good!  It’s also super close to making it on the top 40 chart.  This is also the first I’ve seen of different charting/reporting systems and where it’s at on the National Radio Hits Adult Contemporary Chart.  Most big artists are on all of these charts.  

The bottom line is New Girl is climbing in all the formats (country, Top 40, and Adult Contemporary) in relation to all the radio artists from people like Taylor Swift, Billie Eillish, Jonas Brothers, etc. Hurray! All of this is good news for this song and my last single, Frankenstein, which also charted last Fall.