August Newsletter 2022


Well hello.  I hope all of you are thriving, feeling good and ready for more live music.  I want to thank you all who came out to our “Be Happy Hour” last weekend.  I don’t know about you but I definitely left happier than when I first walked in.  Christina Olsen, my partner in the “Be Happy Hour” shenanigans, has a heart that practices happiness.  It’s reflected in all of her art.  This is a woman that truly paints from her big creative soul. You can find it displayed at the Brian Scott Art Gallery in Brookings, OR as well as many other locations.  Christina and I have done other events together but this looks to be something we’ll do again based on demand. It was a 2 hour event with live music, live painting, conversation about the creative spirit in all of us, wine, yummy snacks and lots of group singing.  What’s not fun about that?  We’re looking at Fall for another “Be Happy Hour” but I will keep you posted.

Last weekend’s concert at the Grange in Harbor, OR with Keith Greeninger was marvelous.  If you missed it, try to catch him when he comes back.  Keith is a dynamic and soulful songwriter and tremendous musician out of Santa Cruz, CA. We were all captivated.  Kim Devine’s tribute to her late husband singer songwriter musician, Perry Devine was wonderful and beautiful.  It brought the whole audience into their hearts.  I totally enjoyed the event and felt honored to open for Keith with my friend Larry Fries who knocked it out of the park with his wonderful guitar and mandolin work and vocals. 

AND I just released a new single, “This Could Be Our Town”! I want to share a little about it with you.  I had to write this song even though it was hard.  It was screaming at me and demanding a voice.  The subject is gun violence and kids.  The song lyric paints disturbing scenes of building violence taking place in schools and neighborhoods. The music brings the story to life.  I worked with Jim Walker again on this production.  As some of you know, him and I created my last two well- received albums, Sunlit and It’s Good.  He’s a genius and I love love love working with him.  His soaring guitars and production are bold and powerful.  I sang it good too.  That helped. 

You can hear “This Could Be Our Town” on my website at or you can find it on along with more of mymusic at Youtube, Spotify, and Amazon Music

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