Toni Land


Devil's Twin
(Toni Land & Tim Ellis ©1999)

I'm thinkin like a thief
Preaching like a saint
Lying with the angels
Crawling like a snake

I'm singing like a bird
'bout tonics for backbones
Selling potions for love
As if the patents my own

I'm fearful of bad luck
I'm a mystic of sorts
Avoidin' all the cracks
Even got a cure for warts

It's a thin line
Between magic and hype
Out here they lynch 'em for fraud
And Man, I'm scared for my life

Sometimes it's heaven
The applause is pouring in
Sometimes it's heaven
The money's rolling in
Sometimes they treat me
Like I'm-
Sometimes they treat me,
they treat me, they treat me
Like I'm the devil's twin

No one's throwing roses
But at times I hear 'em cheer
A crackle from the back row
Singing over last nights beer

My robes are worn out
But the tithing still comes
Keeps me putting on a show
Cuz This old wagon still runs


It's Jobe and it's Cain on the same damn bill
One day a two bit act
The next it's glory and fame

Chorus repeat out