Toni Land


(Toni Land ©1998)

This town never saw the likes of you
When that torn red curtain rose up
You touched the people, you made us feel
We could soar like eagles do
You never use a net to walk a wire
You're fearless, cool, unattached
So far above the ground, you don't hear a sound
There's no gettin' higher than that


But I'm hitting the dirt, trying to reach the sky
But you were the bird, you could fly
You got it made, it's easy for you
You were the bird, you could fly away
I crowded round your shiny light
Filled up my eyes with your stars
I tried to leap into your dream
It seemed so much brighter than mine



In this small town, nothing ever changes
It's hard to leave when you know all the faces
Oh I wanna see the world too, just like you..
I wanna see the world too
I swear I'll pack it up and leave this town
You showed me just how it's done
Maybe when it's cold and the
North winds blow
They'll lift me right up off the ground
And I'll stop hitting the dirt, I'll reach the sky
I'll be the bird, I will fly
I'll have it made, it'll be easy for me
I'll be the bird, I'll fly away
I'll be the bird oooh
I'll fly away oooh
I'll be the bird oooh
I'll fly away like you