Toni Land


"Toni is sure-footed in her travels between country and folk, and with a confident voice evident in both her singing and songwriting"







Toni Land: Lucky Cat

Toni Land - It's GoodTHE STORY

There’s a restlessness to award-winning, Pacific Northwest songwriter, Toni Land. Ever-searching…and always curious. Toni’s brand new EP - It’s Good - perfectly captures that restless spirit. It’s the sound-snapshot of an artist constantly moving forward. One who doesn’t do the expected thing. One who is forever thirsting to draw from a deeper creative well. This evolving path has led Toni to this, her sixth release. And no surprise - It’s Good is very good!

From the bang and twang of the opening kicker “Ghosts Of Regret” it’s obvious Toni’s moved into new and adventurous territory. Here, emotional battle lines are drawn and Toni dares us to cross them. Next, Toni plays equal parts mad scientist and weary romantic in the dark and charming, tom-tom drive and electric boot-swamp of Frankenstein.”“Good People” moves us across a soulful and hypnotic groove-wasteland of memories and dreams, while“Greatness” serves as a reminder of the power of an absolutely gorgeous ballad. An emotional highlight. We close the album with the atmospheric and haunting“Tree Song”, which from the downbeat drops us into the breathing and beating heart of an ancient living world.

Since Land’s first national hit, “Have You Ever Seen Your Real Love?”, her music has received airplay throughout
the US as well as in Europe, Canada, and Russia.

"Toni Land-I love her! I've been playing her and playing her and then I've been playing her some more." -Mathew Richards, KTIL